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Rembrandt was a Dutch classic baroque artist during the Golden Age, a time in Dutch history when the Dutch Republic was the most prosperous nation in all of Europe and art, philosophy, literature and the sciences were booming. Rembrandt’s name is listed among the greatest painters of Western art. Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn is well known for his paintings but is also famous for his drawings and etchings. He dropped out of university at the young age of 14 to pursue his interest in the arts. After serving as an apprentice in Amsterdam, the most influential patron in Holland singled Rembrandt out. His work showed a deep insight into human nature and he was able to capture light and dark like no one else.

His early success was as a portrait painter to the rich in Amsterdam. Eventually his talent at painting religious and historical scenes gained him even more acclaim and he established himself as the foremost artist in the city. In later years Rembrandt’s desire to push the boundaries of the art world made him unpopular with the citizens of Amsterdam. His brilliant techniques influenced his peers as well as the styles of many artists who followed him.

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